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Blu, Dancing In The Rain

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FIGHT NIGHT. My betting $$$ is in the #MAYHEM pot. The defensive tactician will remain undefeated. Who y’all got??? #TMT #TBE #MayweathervsMaidana

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     You’ll be surprised how fast, how easy it is for someone to steal your and my mind. You don’t think so? We never like to think in terms of being dumb enough to let someone put something over on us in a very deceitful and tricky way. But you and I are living in a very deceitful and tricky society, in a very deceitful and tricky country, which has a very deceitful and tricky government. All of them in it aren’t tricky and deceitful, but most of them are. And any time you have a government in which most of them are deceitful and tricky, you have to be on guard at all times. You have to know how they work this deceit and how they work these tricks. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in a bind.

     One of the best ways to safeguard yourself from being deceived is always to form the habit of looking at things for yourself, listening to things for yourself, thinking for yourself, before you try and come to any judgment. Never base your judgment of someone on what someone else has said. Or upon what someone else has written. Or upon what you read about someone that somebody else wrote. Never base your judgment on things like that. Especially in this kind of country and in this kind of society which has mastered the art of very deceitfully painting images of people whom they don’t like in an image that they know you won’t like. So you end up hating your friends and loving their enemies.

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My Dark Twisted Fantasy


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name keenon jackson: known to get it brackin 

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